Saturday, May 31, 2008

Very cool family heirloom

I'm not really all that into antiques. I mean, I think they are cool and I do have a smattering of them around my house, but I don't go shopping for them or anything. Most of what I have are thing from family members. I have some knick knacks and jewelry from my grandma, and my aunt Sharon does collect antiques and knows I enjoy them, so has shared some with me when she's been cleaning house.

This is one of those that Sharon sent me. The very cool thing about this is it belonged to my Great Aunt Ruth. It's her baptismal cape/gown/dress thingy. Sharon thought of it when I scheduled Ruthie's baptism for the weekend she and Keith will be visiting.

How cools is that?!? Ruthie can wear her namesake's baptismal cape at her baptism! I call it a cape because it doesn't have any sleeves, and just has one button at the collar. It's white cotton with flannel lining. The cotton is worn in many places, which makes me wonder if it was used for more than one baptism or has some other family history. Or maybe aunt Ruth just played with it when she was a child. ;) I had to fix where the collar was coming off in one spot, hand sewing is not one of my stronger skills, but I don't think I did too bad of a job of it.

It also has flowers embroidered on both the cape and the collar, not sure how well they show up in the photos.

My MIL is buying Ru a dress to wear underneath, as just a pink onesie just isn't going to cut it with this event. ;) Besides, she wanted to buy one for Leslie (her daughter) and couldn't afford it. Then Leslie didn't get her daughter baptized, so this is Nana's first chance to buy one. I'm good with that, I don't mind other ppl spending money on my daughter at all...
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