Sunday, May 18, 2008

MIL to the rescue!

The first full week were were home from the hospital, my mom came and stayed with us. Brian had to go back to work so he wasn't able to help out like he had the week before. I was really glad mom came! This was great, as I could hand little Ruthie over to her during the day and catch up on my sleep! The plan was mom would stay for a week, then Brian's mom would come.

However, the best laid plans often fall apart, and my Mother in law had to stay home and deal with HER MIL and FIL needed to go into a home. (not just a home for that matter, but the dementia ward no less) This ended up being a huge big deal with neighbors accusing them of abusing the folks. (senior services was called in and an investigation found no evidence of abuse, of course) Other family members were involved pressuring for other options, it was just a mess. My MIL was a bit of a mess too, as it was a VERY stressful process and she was in the thick of it the whole time.

I also was a bit of a mess. My slave labor plans had not materialized, so now I had to handle my beautiful baby all by myself, all night and all day. Remember, I have to pump AND bottle feed, so it takes a bit more time. And of course, this WOULD be the week that Brian had church stuff going on almost every evening. So I was just about on my own. There were a couple of mornings I wasn't sure I could keep going, fortunately my wonderful hubby sacrificed his own sleep and saved me. Who knows what sort of interesting things he did at work in his sleep deprived state. Some of my own interesting antics included not noticing Ruthie peeing all over herself while I was changing her diaper, leaving the breast pump on after I finished while having a conversation with Brian, putting a shirt on backwards, fed my dog a battery (kinda, he swiped one and I dunno what he did with it, I don't think he actually ate it. It's prolly buried in the backyard) and all sorts of other little things that I no longer remember.

Today, my in-laws are here. My MIL will stay for the week, and my FIL will head back home alone. It's just about killed her to have to stay away all week, especially since it hasn't exactly been an enjoyable week for her at home. She's happy to be here, I'm happy to have her here, and I'm sure little Ruthie will be happy to have another grandma here to snuggle her!

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